Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

So, it's been a while since I have been a part of the 'blogger world' because A) I moved B) I quit my job C) I started grad school. In essence, I have been busy with really uneventful stuff that no one should really care about.

Did you know that I now live in Salt Lake. I really like our house, but it smells old. Is that weird? Yes it is. I went to my parents this weekend and I had on my sweats (the clothing of the gods) and I could smell old house all over me. Not into that. I also live in the upstairs portion of the house and it is officially the surface of the sun. At night, I just want to die. I am a hot sleeper anyway, so this is most definitely my version of hell. I better start repenting and being a good person because fire and brimstone and I will not jive together.

I started my master's program at the U. Wow, the amount of beards here are amazing. The BYU crowd lack them, but who isn't down with a little facial hair? I saw the most amazing goatee the other day that actually looked like a goat. It was really unfortunate for the following reasons 1- It looked like a goat 2- The man sporting the goat might have been attractive minus the animal fur growing on his face. I saw him in Lehi, not Salt Lake, so it might nulify all that I was saying about beards in Salt Lake.

So, here's the game that I play in class. I am such a snob. I look at the girls shoes and pick out the ones that I would wear and the ones that I wouldn't and what kind of shoes would look better with the outfits that they are wearing. I also like to think about what kind of clothes would look really good on them. Shallow? Maybe? I think that its a very social worker thing to do. It helps improve people's lives. I feel better when I wear cute shoes. Who doesn't? Call me Stacey London.

Other truths that I know. If I don't start making friends up here and have something to do with my life, I am going to get fat. I tend to eat when bored. This is not eating disordered, just the truth. Speaking of eating disorders, I sat next to a girl in class with skeletor face. And no, I would not wear her shoes. Also, I read on someone who I used to date a VERY long time ago's facebook all of the messages from his girlfriends telling him to "eat healthy." Soooo weird. It was like every other message. She also likes to show her boobies a lot. I'm not bitter....but that's only because mine are bigger. She also says things like "I love you baybee." Annoying. Hope my mom doesn't read this. She won't approve.....

Did you know that I sold my soul to the University of Utah bookstore. I walked in today and they stole my purse! They actually didn't but they make you leave your bag at the front, so I had to take my phone, wallet (to pay for my books, duh!), and ipod all out of my bag so that those heathens that go to the U don't steal my stuff. I actually left my camera there hoping that they would see that there is nothing there and leave my business ALONE! So, I left my amazing purse that I bought in Italy (feel free to be jealous) and I walked in pretending that I had some idea of what I was doing- which I didn't. I walked around for probably forty-five seconds and felt extremely overwhelmed so I left and decided to order my books online. Did you all know that the bookstore offers that? Its amazing. You go to your class schedule and there at the bottom is a "buy your books online!" button. Click on that and it pulls up every book that is required for your classes! Awesome! Especially since I don't even know the names or numbers of my classes so that I can facilitate getting my books. Anyhoo, I did said clicking and guess what? I WAS RAPED! Is that inappropriate to say? You might think so until I tell you how much it cost me....$731.28! Ouch! Do they know that I am unemployed and cannot pay a cent for this stuff? Actually, I do have a job that they label as being an "intern" which essentially means that I go to work, I do work, and I get paid nothing. I hear people like it. I like it. Whatevs.

Last item of business. My car radio doesn't work because I had to spend an arm and a leg to get it to not work. Or I had to fix my car battery and now the security code is on and the only way to get it to work again is to take my sweet ride (1998 honda accord- I know, be jealous) to the honda dealership and pay $66 to have them take out my radio and see the serial number, put it back in, and enter the stupid code. I would like to direct you to the previous paragraph. Not gonna happen. Poverty is my name!!! If you ride in my car, expect some singing from me...

Seacrest- OUT!