Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a few things...

So, life has been pretty busy this past semester. I am working 25 hours a week as a THERAPIST!!! They give me clients and I am the only one that sees them! These people are crazy-referring to my employers, not my clients... I have been pretty lucky in having wonderful supervision and a life that has led me to this career path. I actually think that I've done a semi-decent job.... Are you all a little shocked right now that I'm not singing my own praises like I always do? These are people's lives, kids. Can't be that awesome, but I am as awesome as possible for being a novice therapist.

New subject- I love the fall. To me, it is the time of new things. I really love change and it's a new semseter, new people in my life, new ward members, new experiences. I love fall wardrobe. I love boots and sweaters and scarves and layers! Oh, how I can do soooo much with accessories and layers! And belts! I told my friends in my program today that my shopping is like food storage. Everyone says that when they get married, they can't go shopping like they used to, so I am following the prophet and storing up for the long winter of marriage....

Also, its my birthday. And shockingly enough I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!! I think that its the perfect day...October 25th...As most of you know, I had the most ROCKIN' golden birthday 2 years ago (right, Erin? Doesn't get any better than that) and now that I am looking old age in the face (27!!!! What?) I realize that I am grateful for many many things, but mostly for Vivian, my personal makeup artist and Lancome representative that hooks me up with amazing anti-wrinkle cream. Bomb. Just kidding, but I'm not. Plus, it is right by Halloween which is the best theme for a party at any age. 2 months until Christmas, I could go to any dance in high school, I was one the first to drive (not that I did, I didn't get my license for like month. Lazy? Yes. Friends with better cars? Yes). And the most important part of my birthday is that everyone I love is celebrating me! Not really.....I love being around the people I love. When I left on my mission and was giving my farewell talk, I sat on the stand and looked out at all of the people who love me that was so humbled that God would bless me with such incredible people. So, thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life and shown me such amazing love.

Also, I am grateful for my life. Years ago if you would have asked me where my life would have been, this is not what I would have chosen. I would be married with babies (cuz I love me some babies) and not working because I am lazy and want to be a trophy wife. But, I have had immense opportunity to learn and to grow. I reupholster freaking chairs! Who does that? I am awesome. I have a wonderful family and so many opportunities to travel that others who are my age don't have. I am lucky. I am happy. I eat donuts whenever I want. I have 4 new pairs of boots. I live close to a little caesars. My earring collection is immense. Vaughn is the hulk and lives off caramel. Jan likes it when you booty shake her. I get to call my parents by their first names. I have wonderful roommates who are throwing my a birthday party tomorrow night themed "2001" from when I turned 18....not old....Well, this has been a much more reflective and mushy post than I have probably ever had. Anyway, LIFE IS GOOD!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I feel so accomplished!

This semester has been super BUSY! Not hard, just time consuming, so I decided that I would add to my busy by re-upholstering my hideous chair and ottoman (like the empire? Not sure) that I bought a year ago from the DI. It's very comfy, but had a slight stink of the 70's to it..... and I'm not just talking about the upholstery. It smelled as I imagined the 70's did- cigarettes, dust, old people, and hippies.

I think that you call can smell it.....just imagine.

Here I am tearing it apart. I found a really nice pen, an old cigarette, a dime and a whole lot of velvet dust. I had no idea that velvet created dust but it does and it's weird. I kept the dime and pen.

Here I am just plugging away! I did the ottoman first then attacked the cushion and sides. Easiest to hardest.

The only sewing I had to do was on the front where the sides connected. It surprisingly turned out well. Not sure why I did all of this in a dress that day. Bless the staple gun! My hand was SUPER sore from all the stapling and now my carpet, despite vacuuming, still has staples everywhere.
You can see the velvet dust in front of the chair. So weird. So smelly. Didn't it turn out so cute???
Here it is with the ottoman and yes, it does rule just like the empire. I am not going to lie, I am a little afraid to sit in it because it might all completely fall apart. I did this with NO instruction at all and just did what I could. Yes, I must say, I am awesome.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

When mama is out of town...Vaughn gets sad....

My mom left for Prague yesterday morning at 5:30am. This is a detail list of all that the Vaughner has done since she left.

-Go to Smith's and buy a dozen maple bars, deli cheese and turkey, and a baguette.
-Call his children at 8:30am to invite them to come watch conference at the house (remember that he dropped her off 3 hours before). He tried to bribe them with said maple bars.
-At 5 when I got there, he had eaten almost all of the baguette, the turkey, the cheese and 8 maple bars.
-Came home from Priesthood and ate the rest of the baguette some more turkey and cheese even though he knows there is pizza coming in 5 minutes.
-Finished off the donuts (he ate 10 donuts in one him....)
-Ate LOTS of pizza (but then again so did I)

This is why Jan can't leave. Vaughn needs supervision.