Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh, Dear Sydney. What have you been up to??

This is for my readers!!!  (all five of you.  And that includes Jan (the mother)).  I have been suh-lacking on my duties to the blog-o-sphere lately and now I will offer a whole slew of excuses as to why I have not been posting.

First of all, let's go back 11 years to when I ran for senior senate in high school~ I feel a Scooby Doo/Wayne's World ending coming on right about now.....I thought it would be fun to do something in my senior year.  I listened to the Beach Boys "Be True to Your School" (I ignored the "just like you were to your girl" part due to the fact that I am straight despite my inability to have a man) and thought it was a good idea.  Well, let me tell you- IT WAS A BAD IDEA.  Here was my campaign strategy:  I made ONE big poster that had some SERIOUSLY ugly/ridiculous pictures of myself and wrote "Sydney Beames, it would be an ugly year without her."  Well, I tricked those fools and they elected me- to senate, not president.  Fast forward to now and somehow I ended up planning my whole high school reunion.  Wha?  Huh??  Yep.  All me.  Luckily I have had some Ah-maz-ing peeps that have helped a ton.  Bless their souls.  And their hearts and I don't mean that in an "oh, look at that poor sap, bless his heart,"  kind of way.  So, I have decided that at the reunion, I am going to retroactively name myself as class president and make everyone vote again.  OR I will probably just name myself both the king and the queen of the reunion.  Seems normal.  Also, people are complaining all the time which makes me want to scream "PLAN YOUR OWN (explicit word here) REUNION!!!!!!!! So, that is excuse #1.

On to the next- MY JOB HAS CONSUMED MY SOUL.  I have an extra kid on my caseload now, which is fine because I get paid more and I had to buy a new car so that is a good thing (PS got a blue honda civic.  I love it.  Only one complaint- it has the tiniest steering wheel of all time.  Vaughner wanted to drive it home from the dealership and it was like hulk hands driving a ritz cracker).  Now, just one kid  can seem to be just a little extra work, but her mom is HYPERACTIVE.  Emails, phone calls, crying, me pulling out my hair and then crying myself.  Next, somehow I got elected to start a whole new program for our girls here at Heritage.  Don't get me wrong, I am super excited and passionate about helping the girls feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin, but that take a lot of time.  But they gave me an intern.  Cool, huh? Makes me wish I drank coffee so I could have her go get me some.  Next life, perhaps. 

I also moved out of Jan's house.  I feel like such an adult and that I miss my mommy.  Being on your own 100% is so expensive!  Barf.  No one cooks me dinner or cleans up my messes and now I have to clean up after other people now that I have roommates. Double barf.  But I had to leave Jan and Vaughn because my singles ward was full of the BIGGEST creepers alive.  I had one guy who just wouldn't stop touching me. I didn't even know his name and he kept touching me and telling me that he saved me a seat.  I am not sure if he has some sort of mental handicap because when I don't like someone, it is REALLY obvious.  I do not pretend; I am not polite, but somehow he missed those signals.  So, I had to leave Jammit and Vaughnald's for the big expansive world of Provo.

Other things:
 -I have been having some issues with being sick
 -I tend to over schedule myself
 -I spend a lot of time watching TV
 -I spend even more time day dreaming about Thor (an avengers recap will hopefully come soon)
 -I like to shop at Costco and that is very time consuming
 -I have been reading to blind children (not really, but my kids at work are as close as I will get)
 -I am becoming a germ-a-phobe
 -I am all around lazy

There are my excuses for not posting on my blog.