Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I would like to dedicate this blog post to my dear friend Alana. I am not very dedicated in the blog world, but sometimes a reminder to not neglect my online journal (I need to keep this for future posterity....ya, I want my kids to read about how I will be a trophy wife...don't think so. And kids would mean husband and I think this blog might keep the mens away)

Many people start their New Year's resolutions at the beginning of the year, and I do, but I also do some new school year's resolutions. I will detail both of them.....

January 2010.....
So, I am not very good at writing these down. Ever. This is what I remember and its probably the only one that stuck. I was going to and am currently flossing my teeth more frequently. Props to me. My teeth and gums are awesome and they thank my amazing goal setting and achieving capabilities.

I might have said that I wasn't going to shop as much, which didn't happen; that I was going to go to the gym, which has kind of happened but not until last week. I went three times. Sweet, but I ate more donuts in said week than I went to the gym. Does it still count? I say yes, but only because I intuitively ate those donuts. And finally, drumroll please.......that I was going to get a boyfriend. HA! Not a resolution, but I did go to Vegas in January and had a guy face rape me. Traumatizing, but it can count.

September 2010....
Let the school year begin! I always start out saying that I will read the material, that I will pay attention in class, and be on top of my homework. That lasts about as long as the thought takes place in my brain. I am now setting realistic goals that will actually benefit me, such as: only buy books that I have to. I have a stack of books with uncracked bindings because of my stupid past resolutions. WASTE. OF. MONEY. I generally get better grades than everyone in my class, write superior papers, and have opions about everything without the books, so my less is $1000 later and I have to use my precious space designated for clothes to put text books. Not happening this year (nor did it last semester. They trick you that first semester by making you think you will need them.....lies....)

Also, I am going to bring more snacks to class to aid me in paying attention and by paying attention, I mean not falling asleep and using my time productively through snacking and doodling in my planner. Good goal. I can honestly check that one off the list already. So, I think I am done with my resolutions. Any that you think I should add?