Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh my gosh, my friends make me suicidal and I really mean that.

I cannot ever ever read other people's blogs. Others write about how wonderful their married life is and how excited they are to have their baby and they have those little baby count down things on the side and what do I have on my blog? McDreamy and American Idol! Could I be any more lame? No, I really think not. I was this close (imagine about an inch) from deleting my blog because I honestly have nothing to say other than I AM DEPRESSED! Geez! Can I get a prozac up in here? Maybe a seroquil? Are you impressed by my knowledge of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds? I'll throw out a few more for you- Xanex, Ativan, zoloft, gimme gimme.....freak...I gotta start doing something with my life. Do you want to know what my next blog will be about? You guessed it----------------------Zac Efron! Oh, kill me now.

So, here is my conclusion, I will continue to fill my blog with absolutely nothing of consequence because that is all I got and even when I have got something, its still all I got. I will also get one of those baby things on the side. I would say that from the amount of carbohydrates I ate yesterday, my food baby is at about 23 weeks. He will be cute! I really feel it. You all can watch the growth. Next order of business, I will make up a fake husband and he will look just like Zac Efron (I just saw 17 again-yes, please!) and we will be so happy in our little world. Then I will start writing letters to Zac pretending that we are married and ask him to come back (and help with the baby of course) and then I will most likely start a wee bit of stalking outside of his house, send Vanessa a letter with the slight scent of anthrax (over the top?) and then start blogging about my exciting life from the maximum security prison in Hollywood. Paris and Lindsay Lohan can be my cell mates! But they will get out after they spend a night or two, so then Wentworth Miller will be put in with me and he will have the entire blue print of the prison tattooed to his body and we will get out and run away together. HA! Zac who?

Or, I might just stop reading my friends' blogs. I dunno? What do you think my course of action should be?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My blog is ugo....

I have been wandering around on the world wide web looking at others blogs and mine is hideous. None of the other kids will want to play with my blog at recess because its the fat ugly kid. I am ashamed. Too bad I'm really pretty and funny and smart that this won't actually affect me in any way.

Aren't you attracted to him? Not in Brad way, but more of a Joaquin way?

I love Adam Lambert!!! About a week ago I was at the Jan's house (some call her mom, namely my siblings) and I was bored and trying to be sociable before I went to isolate and watch a little Felicity and Jan and Megan were watching American Idol and I was introduced to Adam. I love him! I could listen to him sing all day everyday. The boy knows how to perform! Now, I am pretty sure that he is gay, so our love can only be platonic, but check him out. He melts my little heart when he sings this Smokey Robinson song.....Sometimes I like a man who wears a little eye liner. So sue me. Is that how you spell sue? Is it like so and sow? Would I spell it soo? No. Stick with the original....Soemtimes I like a man who wears a little eyeliner. So sue me.