Friday, March 27, 2009

Again, I am watching TV (its this new thing that I am trying out) namely, Grey's Anatamy...and I see that McDreamy now his this sexy streak of gray hair coming out of his flowing locks. I must say that I am soooo into it. And he is sporting a beard. I LOVE a man in a beard. Don't give me a goatee (hideous- did someone say 1994?) or a moosetache (that is the correct pronunciation), which is just a cry for attention because no one can seriously wear one of those unless they are trying to be funny or are a New York City firefighter (not one of the hot ones but one of the old ones with a muffin top), but a beard is sooo hot. It's important for me to note that if you are rocking a red beard or even a blonde one, its probably not going to look all that good. It needs to be a dark beard. Then its hot. So, in essence, what I am trying to say is that I like his gray streak and I like his beard and I'm slightly pathetic.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today I was sitting and watching episodes of Felicity with my dear roommie Smelsie, and I saw my neighbor walk by wearing all leather and a motorcycle helmet. She was pushing a bicycle. I almost wet myself. Enjoy that image.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why would you think that?

So, I have officially gotten three text messages that have told me to stay away from Walmart tonight because there is a gang initiation going down tonight where they plan on killing three women. Wow! Its a dang good thing that everyone knows about it and its being circulated all around. Too bad no one could clue in the police. What is also so unfortunate is that no one knows what Walmart it is. Perhaps its the Walmart in Morgan county in the middle of nothing where my 11 year old cousin lives who was the first to send me that text message. My personal belief is that if there were an actual gang in Morgan, they woudl most likely have a gang initiation of tipping over the cows rather than killing 3 women. I just got my fourth text message about no happy. My personal belief is that they will hit up the Walmart in Provo. There is a lot of gang action in Utah county, so goodbye three young BYU students. It is necessary for you to die so that a few hardcore gang members of the BYU extention of the crypts could get in. I think its worth it....don't you?

Under Pressure

I have had a few people say that I should start blogging and I feel that it is something that you start when you are young and married.....and since I am neither, I thought that I should be excluded from the blogging world. So, Holly, Katherine, this is my blog. I hope that I don't disappoint. I am really feeling the pressure to satisfy my blogging audience.