Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Costa Rica, baby!!!

I loved Costa Rica. It was beautiful, but dirty and full of things that I don't particuarly like- like My pictures are all sorts out of order, but you will get the picture...
Brendy had a hard time with all the driving. She kept getting motion sick so she took lots of dramamene.....luckily for everyone else, she was completely stoned when on it. She has NO recollection of this picture. For those of you who don't know her, she is not a touchy person. We were waiting for the ferry to take us over to Montezuma in Puntarenas (the nastiest, worst place in all of Costa Rica) and she saw some sort of nautical thing that looked like a guillotine, so she grabbed my hand and made me look at it. So funny.
This is a mono (monkey) of the spider persuasion. We were in Monteverde going through the canopy tour which involved a bunch of suspended bridges in the rainforest. Amazing. You can see the baby mono peeking its head out to say "hello!"
It was torture being here. Poor me.
This is the pool from the bungalo that we stayed at in Montezuma. We would spend the day at the beach and then come back to the hotel and swim for a long long time....and use it to rinse off the sand...
This is a kawate. Its like a racoon. We were on the beach in Manuel Antonio National Forrest and Claire was tempting this guy with a cliff bar to get him closer. He ran up and grabbed it pretty much out of her hand. We had to watch our stuff really closely so things wouldn't get stolen- not from people, but from the animals.
This is a hike to a waterfall in Monteverde. Monteverde is not close to the beach, but in what they call the cloud forrest. As all of you know, I HATE hiking, but it was ok here. It was so beautiful and the end was the best payoff of any hike. I won't be doing it again anytime soon, but the waterfall was probably my favorite.
This is in the rainforrest during the canopy tour. I think I was being a raptor.....I think I thought it looked like Jurassic Park. I am that special.
This is the second waterfall that we went to in Montezuma. It is normally crystal clear, but it had been raining, so it was muddy. We got to jump off of this one. It was really fun!
Kathy went a little crazy...she kept saying "Ay, un mono en mis cosas!" which means "there's a monkey in my things!" This is on the airplane on the way home and her monkey just kept peeping up to say hello! Es muy loca!
On the way home, our flight left really early so we didn't want to get a hotel, so we spent the night on the floor of the airport. Miserable and cold. And then I got a NASTY ear infection. Love it.
This is a fruit stand that we stopped at on the way back to San Jose when we were headed home. The men working there were so so so sweet. They practically gave me a whole mango the size of my head to eat. They just kept cutting them up and giving them to us. So nice and delicious!
This is on the boat ride to Isla Tortuga. My hair is awesome. It looked like this the whole time. I am prettier in the desert- no tropics for me....
This little girl just kept playing with me on the ferry over to Montezuma. Her name was Maria and she didn't speak a word of English. We obviously switched sunglasses.
Women at work!!!! Getting ready to head out on the zipline in Monteverde!
These are known as glass ferns because when anything is behind it, the color changes due to its transparency. These are all over the rainforrest.
More of the canopy tour in Monteverde.
Here is the actual waterfall in Monteverde that we hiked to. It was so peaceful. It started pouring rain on the way home.
Cloud Forrest
We needed gas in Monteverde. This is the only gas station. It's a family with 5 liter jugs and a coke bottle funnel. Awesome.

Monkey and kawate on the beach at Manuel Antonio.
This is on the way to the beach in Manuel Antonio. We saw lots and lots of 3 toed sloths. Crazy!
Tortuga Island. Beautiful!!!
These are obviously just a few random pictures from my trip. I absolutely loved it. Seeing all of God's creatures and his beautiful landscape just made me want to travel more. I am working on going to Hawaii in October and London in the spring.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Anyone else noticing the Asians that are posting on my blog? It's kind of weirding me out because they either say really weird things like "seeing is believing" or I can't read it at all cuz its in Asian. Do you think I should privatize my blog? What say ye?

Friday, June 11, 2010


I have previously mentioned my love for Glee, but I cannot express the intense obsession that I feel for this little show (not so little anymore...) I have been really busy this week (and every week of my life) and I have not had the opportunity, nay privilege, to watch the season finale. Honestly, I teared up a few times, but nothing too intense. I feel so much when it comes to music and I think they do a phenominal job with the songs and bringing emotion into it. I. LOVE. GLEE.

If I could do a do-over of my life, I always thought that I would love to have Stacy London's job and take the poor souls of the earth who are under dressed and makeup-less and give them a few lessons on how to be fabulous, but I think deep in my soul, I am a diva....Oh, did we just have a blogosphere confessional? Yep. Where are the real world camera's recording my sobs in a tiny room while someone outside the room is repeating swears loudly because I am over my time limit? Dunno. My sister Megan even told me that my career path should be to audition for American Idol. Not because of any talent that I might posses, but for the sheer natural born attitude for being a diva. Love her.

I don't think that I ever want to get married because then a lot of my car time will have an occupant beside me and when I get into the radio and man do I. GET. INTO. IT. I did choirs and whatnot since I was in fourth grade- I was born to be Rachel Barry, but unfortunately my parents are conservative Mormons instead of Gay men. Just not the same fostering for a narcissistic future star. Boo.

Here are my favorites: First of all, when I first saw Leah Michele, I almost thought it was Idina Menzel (love her, lover her husband more). Not her, but equally talented. Then the most amazing Kristin Chenoweth made her appearance as a sloppy drunk (I love a good drunk on TV and the movies-hits a soft spot in my heart). When she sings, my heart sings (who threw up with that one? I did). Then, finally(!) Idina shows up and SHE DIDN'T SING. Heartbroken. But finally, finally, finally she sings 'I Dreamed a Dream" with Leah Michele and I DIED (I hope you can feel the drama seeping out of this post-I mean it)! It was ridiculous. I did cry (shhh! don't tell) and then watched it over and over again (bless the DVR). I want to sing like that (and in my car I do). I also love Quinn. I love her style and her makeup- minus the pregnancy. I even took a picture of her to my makeup artist (yes I do have a makeup artist, but we were friends first, even if it was the makeup that brought us together) to get her look. Beautiful. I love Sue Sylvester. Her lines are hilarious and I secretly wish to live my life in track suits, but I am morally against sneakers being worn anywhere besides the gym, so sigh, no can do. I would also like to point out that Will is the cop from 'Dan in Real Life.' "Put it on my tab!" Last, but not least, Kurt. Dear, dear, Kurt. How can the world live without your fabulousness? When you say that your dad bought you your car if you promised to stop wearing knee-length tight form fitting sweaters, I giggled. I lol-ed. And no one judges you for having a Tiara collection. We all wished we had one.

So, bless Glee for bringing back my love of singing and being overly dramatic. I missed my Queen title.