Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm white, or at least that is what they tell me.

I went to get some base makeup from Mac yesterday and the shade that I normally use has all of a sudden gotten darker, so I talk to the lady and she tells me that there is only one shade that is paler than what I used. I think that she used the word "pale" instead of white to be politically correct because she was black and you just can't go around asking people why they're white. Isn't it amazing that somehow a really white girl can somehow become translucent? I feel good about myself...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Famous People I have dreamt about....

I have some crazy crazy dreams, as many of you know, so I thought that I would just give you a little run down of what my crazy actually thinks of. Also, to follow my overwhelming sense of entitlement (that my friend Rich loves to point out ALL the time. Please, he's more entitled than I am) and how awesome I think I am (or perhaps how sad my dating life really is) they always hit on me and I never dream about women.....luckily....
I dreamt once that I met Leonardo Dicaprio at a funeral at my old church in Sandy. Apparently Leo knows some Mormons. He was hitting on me in the middle of the funeral. In my defense, it was just after Titanic came out so maybe that's why there was death and Leo was associated with it. Also, that means that I was in Seventh grade, so I feel that I am totally justified in dreaming about him. I still think that Leo is totally sexy. So sue me. He's put on a little weight since his Titanic days and I love my men to have some meat on their bones. Hot.
Next would be dear Luke Wilson. He is most definitely the more attractive of the Wilson brothers so I thank him for making the appearance and not his brother. Here's the dream. My family and I were at a Cabin celebrating Christmas and who else would be there? Of course, Luke Wilson. It's totally normal, right? Anyway, there was a giant love sac and I made out with him on it. Great dream! He's totally smoking!
Next dream is for the dreamy Clive Owen. Those beautiful eyes and sexy voice. Love him! In this dream, he was a prince. I don't know if you all know this, but British=Royalty, duh! So, I met him and was smitten because he is tastey (spelled with an ey because that is how Fergie taught me how to spell it) and a prince-every girls dream. I don't remember his feelings for me, but I'm Pretty sure that he loves me.
Now this one is the most disturbing. I dreamt that my family was in that house in the beginning of the 4th movie/book where scabbers the rat is actually a man and he's with Voldemort. So, think that house...Anyway we were trapped and the only way that he would let us out is if I made out with him. Apparently Lord Voldemort is a 15 year old boy. So, I did. He looked just like this. Sick....I later had another Harry Potter dream where I was in the tri-wizard tournament. I am soooo not normal.
So, I dream about dreamy men (mostly minus LV), and who is the ONLY celebrity that I see in person? Sean Astin, aka the fat hobbit Sam Wise, or Rudy. He was about 5 feet from us at Disneyland California Adventures in line for the big white roller coaster. Those are my celebrity encounters! Enjoy!