Thursday, November 4, 2010

27 is the year......

For many many things. This is what I am expecting for 27. I will GRADUATE! I am going to go back to Europe this year. It must be done. I will get a big girl job. I will have my own health insurance! Such a big girl. I will feel so very adult. In being an adult, I have decided to start doing adult things.

First of all, I went to my personal makeup artist and learned how to wear lipstick! Wha???

My lips look just like this. You jealous?

The next grown up item is that I am also wearing perfume...or attempting to find something that will accentuate my pretty face with a pretty smell. My siblings are so wonderful- they gave me a gift from Dillards. Its an event! I think going to an event sounds so adult. It's at La Chaille (very grown up) and they have all sorts of perfumes that you can chose from. It's $35 and you get admission to the event, a $25 gift certificate that you can spend at the event and a purse FULL of samples. Go to Dillards. Get one. I'll see you there.

Now, as part of being a grown up, it is time to decide on a few things that I am too old for:

#1 Going to parties. I hate them. I used to love to dance around and flirt with all the boys, but I can't stand it anymore. The men that go to parties to pick up on women are generally Ed Hardy wearing narcisstic shallow tools. Just saying. Sorry if I offend anyone. I have no desire to talk to, flirt with, or date men like that. But then again, there is no threat there because men like that don't date. They hang out. I am too old for just hanging out. You want to see me? Call me. Take me out. But I digress....parties are LAME....strutting my stuff is LAME (the stuff isn't lame but feeling the need to is LAME). And so, I am giving up parties cold turkey unless its a friend's celebration of their birth.

#2 Men who hang out and don't date . See above. Just ask me out. I will say yes.

#3 Men who dress like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When did this style come back in? Its ridiculous. It is not 1989. Dress like an adult. I cannot date anyone who dresses "ironically." What is that? Be an adult. thanks.

I want a man that dresses like this:
This is attractive. I want a man like these. Also, if I date a man who dresses like this, no one will ask me why I dress like this:
Also, what is up with dudes shaving steps into the side of their head. Hate it. And the embroidered shirts and Italian boots. No thanks. Move along. Go to your party and find a girl dressed in lingerie and mouse ears that will make out with you and then not understand why you haven't called. Not for me.

PS I haven't seen Mad Men, but apparently I LOVE the fashion.