Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have a PROBLEM.....

For a living, I help people overcome their problems.  I am rational.  I am objective.  I talk out issues and work towards a solution.  But for some inexplicable reason, I cannot find a solution to this problem.  I LOVE Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor.   I love him.  I love him.  I love him.  I really think that I like him more than any boyfriend I have ever had.  That is a very sad statement for two reasons:  it's a sad commentary on my emotional availability to men around me and the crappy men that I have dated.  Eh.  Not too stressed about that. 

I saw the Avengers.  I made Jan and Vaughn take me after work one day because everyone else in the world had seen in (it was like 2 weeks after it opened).  I sat and watched the beginning and kept bugging Jan (who hates action movies but might share a love of Chris with me, therefore, she came) that he wasn't on the screen.  I was not just every once and a while during the movie but incessently and obnoxiously.  Every two minutes "Jan, where is my boyfriend??"  "Jan, I love him.  Where is he?"  "Jan, this movie is crap.  I NEED some Thor."  "Jan, there he IS! I loorve this movie!  This is the beeeeeessssssssstttt movie I have ever SEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNN!" 

Now, with the coming out of this movie, I perhaps maybe sort of kind of might have recorded on my DVR (heavens bless the DVR.  How did we SURVIVE life without a DVR??!?) every single instance when he was TV.  There might be a few still on there.....and I might have watched them multiple times.  Don't you dare judge. I have very little in my life right at this moment.

Anyway.  I could probably talk about him for the rest of my life, so I will instead let the pictures do the talking.  He's so tall, so big, so Australian, has the deepest and sexiest voice, and did I mention that I love him?


I lover him.
 Hot with any hair cut.

This is my pretend child with him.  Too far?  Too creepy?  I think that I might need a boyfriend.  Just saying that I am accepting applicants.  I might be pathetic.  I am ashamed.  Not. I don't think shame is something I experience.

Seacrest, out!