Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So, some of you might have seen Kelly Corless's post about how Gold's Gym is screwing her over, but unfortunately I am in the same position (except that Kelly has cancer and I have asthma- hers is WAY WORSE).

Kelly and I have been friends for 20 years, since we were wee little babies.  We are roommates and have helped each other through a lot of difficult things.  We even have similar issues.  She has thyroid cancer and I have hypothyroidism with a touch of an auto-immune disease- Hashimotos (I don't think that you can actually have just a touch of an auto-immune disease.  I HAVE an auto-immune disease), but on top of that I have really bad asthma. 

The doctors believe that I have always had exercise enduced asthma since I was a child which has always made exercising for me SO. VERY. DIFFICULT.  But then, while living in Salt Lake a few years ago, I moved into a house that had black freaking mold.  I lived there for 2 years without knowing it until everyone that I lived with starting have respiratory problems.  So, I moved out of there and I started having these spells where I could breathe.  I would be sitting on my bed and I would have to take very long deep breaths to keep myself breathing.  I spoke to Kelly about it and she said to go to the doctor (smart girl).  I called my normal doctor, they panicked and got me into the very first doctor that had an open appointment that day.  I met with him, he gave me inhalers and whatnot.  It didn't help.  So then I was sent to the pulmologist.  New inhalers.  Nothing.  Then to the ear nose throat doctor.  No change.  Then to an allergist (I am allergic to fall weeds and cats-there goes my future of being a cat lady).  Nothing.  I had a CT scan of my sinuses.  Multiple X-Rays of my lungs. A Holter monitor on my heart.  An echo-cardiogram. A sleep study (to the tune of $1044 AFTER insurance). Allergy tests. So much blood was drawn that I might be anemic now.  SIX ROUNDS OF STEROIDS.  Coutnless perscription drugs to the tune of hundreds of dollars. And THEN a horriffic allergic reaction to this fun cocktail of medications that led to ANOTHER ROUND OF STEROIDS. Anyway, after all of this, they say that I am fine and that it is just really bad asthma.

I began to feel better in August and after so very many rounds of steroids (my biceps were huge and I won the tour de France) my asthma was under control.  Kelly had signed up with Gold's Gym and had started with a trainer that she really liked.  Gold's had advertised that it was a month to month contract and so I went in.  I signed up, free training session, totally fun.  They then said that Kelly and I could train together and it would be "cheaper." Lies.  I told them about my asthma and the issues and just like Kelly they said they "would work with me."  We even talked about Kelly and her cancer and he said "we'll totally work with you."  LIES! So, like an idiot.  I signed the contract under the impression that I pay for what I use and they don't take out your money unless you have used all of your other sessions. 

So, fastforward Nov/Dec and the air quality is HORRIFIC.  I can't breathe again- just like last year.  I go to my pulmonologist and he doubles my steriod inhaler and wants to put me back on steroids, but I can't take anymore chest hair (total jest.  No chest hair, but I just feel all of this unnecessary RAGE specificly towards Gold's, oh wait.  It is necessary.) so we just try to see if that will work.  I am also using my rescue inhaler all the time.  I absolutely CANNOT work out at this point in time.  So, Kelly and I are chatting and I started calling Gold's to figure this out.  I speak to my gym specifically.  They direct me to the corporate office.  I call them.  Nothing.  I call them.  Nothing.  I call them.  Nothing.  No one will return my call.  I then talk to Kelly post surgery and she tells me her whole experience.  So, we pull out our contracts and start pouring over them.  I feel so duped.  I feel like everything I told was not true.  I asked lots of questions and I was told and reassured that it was above board.  Which it is not.  Obviously.  So stupid.  On top of everything, due to last year's very expensive medical costs (literally thousands of dollars) and 2 horrible car accidents (a whole other topic), I am broke.  I work so very hard.  I try to be financially responsible, but things happen and I have only been working for a little over a year post graduating (and a 6 month stint with unemployment) and I can't catch up.  Kelly and I are trying to sell our contracts, but apparently everyone else knows about Gold's and I had no idea. 

And to make things worse.  My Mumford and Sons pandora station won't stop playing Coldplay.  I hate today. And then Kelly showed me this KSL report this morning.  So, let this be a lesson to all of you.