Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's step up again....and again....and again....and again....

Ok, I am totally open with all of my crazy and guilty pleasures so here I will open myself up to yet another shameful (yet awesome) experience that I have had: Yesterday I went and saw Step Up 3D. Uh, hello!!! Awesome (and horrible all at the same time)!!! I will begin with the horror that is 3D movies. I really don't think that they make a movie that cool. I saw the nightmare before Christmas and a Christmas Carol all in 3D and honestly, the only thing that happens is that I don't see it that well. I feel like it makes it harder to focus on things and makes it impossible to really pay attention to the throw down dancing!. And the glasses are a little they sanitize those things? I probably wouldn't if I worked at the movie theater for movie theater wages. I blame James Cameron. Now I have already said how I feel about Avatar (haven't seen it- won't see it.) Since this movie, everything has to be in freaking 3D. It's not that cool. Also, those glasses really don't go with any of my outfits.....

The first movie took over the Maryland School of the Arts, the second took it to the streets, and honestly, I didn't know where this one would go......I obviously underestimated the potential of dancing........let's take it to THE WORLD!!!

Now let's dive into the plot (there rarely is one, and it's honestly better if it doesn't have a plot). Just a warning- spoiler alert. So, Luke (hot-great abs) owns a night club and he lives above it with a group of people he calls the Bfabb. Now I know that you are all just dying to know what that stands for.....wait for it.....wait for it......born from a boom box. Totally awesome, right? Oh, and their crew name is the Pirates. Soooo 2003. Moose from the 2nd movie is in it with his BFF Camille who actually played Channing Tatum's foster sister in the first movie. I'm pretty sure that she in NOT playing the same character which is weird because it's the same person, but obviously us Step Uppers are not smart enough to make the connection..... Luke meets this girl, Natalie, who dances in his night club that does not make enough money and therefore is about to be foreclosed on by the bank! What? Luke's parents' owned that and he can't let their legacy die like they did (no one could have predicted that and I certainly did not turn to my roommate Claire and say it).

Enter the Samuri and Kid Darkness (they are the most cutthroat dancing crew alive! You can't battle them just once! And yes, those are lines from the movie). They are the bad guys, which is obviously from their name and black patent leather outfits. Julian, who is the leader, used to be a pirate (not a literal one, but on the dance crew. If he was a literal pirate, I think that the plot could have been better), but got kicked off because he made a big bet and threw a dance competition to win his bet. Loser. Here's the plot twist.......Natalie is Julian's sister!!!! What? No way!

Ok, now let's get into the really bad scenes. Numero uno: Luke takes Natalie to his secret spot (not to kill her, shockingly, but to L-O-V-E her) and shows her his inner most thoughts? soul? No really sure....Well, some sort of air generator turns on and he takes his slurpee (every good love story has a slurpee) and let's it float up into outer space. SO. BAD. She does the same, then love is in full blossom and they mix their flavors of slurpee through making out. Not judging. I could use a little loving, but not slurpee loving. I prefer snow cones. Right before Luke finds out that Natalie and Julian are siblings, she asks him to run away with her. She says "we could go anywhere...even California!" So glad she clarified. I thought Cali might be out of the question. Everyone better know that they win. They always win. It's inspirational! It's monumental! As they win the battle against the evil Samurai, Natalie runs in and dances with Luke to win it all in beautiful midrift showing fashion (hello, 1997)! Then she leaves him a note saying that she has taken his movie about the Bfabb's and entered it into a film school and he gets in! Yay! Luke! You are a winner! And where is this school? You guessed it.... California! So, the little African dude that is a Bfabb tells Luke that he let everyone else live their dreams, that it was now time for him to live his dreams. Tear. So gay. The end.

The one major bright shining star of the movie is the man who does the robot. I have no idea what his name is, but I love him. He puts my robot to shame, which is pretty hard to do. I'm pretty incredible. I want to have his half robot, half human babies. Here is a little youtube clip for you all to enjoy..... I would do the whole uploading thing, but I don't know how to do that, so if anyone does, let me know how to do that!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jobs that I could easily do if I weren't going to be a therapist

Sometimes I think about the things that I would be really good at if I didn't already had my career path ahead of me.

First of all, I would be a personal shopper. I spend my time in class and out in the world looking at people and how they dress and fixing it in my mind (not to be rude, but some of the social workers out there could use a little shopping therapy...I'm just saying). Chacos are NOT shoes to be worn day to day!!! Save them for the hike! Stacey London and I would totally be besties. Sometimes I want to dress horribly for 2 weeks and have someone nominate me for what not to wear so I can get $5000 to spend on clothes, but I go and look in my closet, and its just not, sigh, I shall not get a new wardrobe for free, but I might spend the money for one....

Secondly, I would be the best American Idol ever. Not for the talent, but for my shining personality....and my amazing talent. Sometimes (all the time) I sing in my car by myself, but since I started watching the Idol, I always think about how I would perform the songs on the show. I. AM. GOOD. I don't want to be famous and go on tour and sell record albums, just want to be on the show and win and then never do anything with it again.....except go on one of those "celebrity" reality shows and fall in love with one of the New kids on the Block or one of the Brady Bunch.

Thirdly, I could be a judge on American Idol. I am just as good as Simon. We always agree except on the weirdies with the dreds and the screaming voices. I also do a wicked mean impression of Kara and Paula. I'm sure that I could act just like them and do it for a whole lot less dinero.

And lastly, the job that I am most capable of and will be the best at, is.....drum roll please.......a trophy wife. I am blonde, have big boobs, and am very capable of shopping and spending money all day long (I might have accidently did some online shopping today that resulted in 3 dresses and a season of TV on DVD...oops). In addition, I am an excellent cook, like to clean, and would be very good at hiring a cook and a maid. I am pretty. I am capable of birthing lots of children. I am comfortable saying "I will let the staff take care of that." I look good as arm candy. I like diamonds (or at least I think I will). I have great taste in men's fashion and will be able to dress my man for some serious business (business socks included)...

And so, I bid farewell to my dreams of my alternate careers and look into my future as a second year grad student. This year I am interning with LDS family services working with their eating disorder's like the same thing as being an American Idol, right?