Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Emotionally checked out....

Wat up, blogosphere...?!? Are you ready?  Ok, I don't have a purpose for today's post outside of the fact that I am avoiding doing my job at the moment.  It has been a couple of crappy weeks at work, therefore I am sitting in my office blog stalking and eating takis.  What is a taki, you ask?  Well, I work with a bunch of white kids that think they are cholas so they introduced me to this Mexican chip that are spicy, delicious, and have a slight hint of ramen. I checked- they have MSG.  All the good crappy food has it.  Hence the ramen flavor. 
Love these little guys.  I can only get them in the super ghetto areas of Provo.  Go team me.  If get a chance and like little spicy ramen wonders, hit that.
Just so you know, my kids are at a Drug Free week assembly, so I am putting their needs first by not pulling any of them out of there even though this will only prolong my work.  Whatevs.  I have also watched some Hulu today to get me back to being able to be emotionally available to my kids.  Probably the best therapist out there.  You are welcome world!  I am here to fix ALL the things!
Wanna hear about how I am single?  I think that there are 2 types of blogs in this world.  People showing off their happy marriage and children and single girls whining about how they are single.  This is the latter.  I'm single. whine. I have to go on fabulous trips instead of wiping snotty noses.  This weekend I'm going to NYC.  It is the worst. Next month I have to take 2 weeks off work to go to Dublin and England. Pitty me. I have to sleep in a big bed all by myself and no one ever leaves my toilet seat up (Actually, I have PTSD about toilets and the male gender.  My lil' bro' had his own bathroom growing up and the stench of urine was UNBEARABLE!!!  I am afraid that all men pee everywhere.  I need therapy) or make me watch them play video games.  My life is tough!
Ok, but in all seriousness, my life is pretty good.  I am traveling and SHOPPING (I tell people that my wardrobe is like food storage.  I know that when I am married that I will not be able to shop the way that I want to so I am saving up.  I am totally  following the words of the prophet.  So righteous). I am happy overall........ 
.........I could really use a good makeout though.  So, I will work on flirting with some gentlemen callers so that I can get some sweet loving and then perhaps be more emotionally available to solve the worlds' problems.  And yes, I do know that I pluralized world.  I am taking this out of this universe.  NASA has done some good stuff on Mars, right?  PS In Vegas we came up with alter egos and my friend's was that she worked for NASA.  One guy was really interested in an internship.  She told him to email her at janet@nasa.com.  Good ol' drunks are so gullable. I still laugh at this. 
Next, I love Thor.  That is all......ooooo!  What if I made out with him??? 

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